Calendula Extract For Dogs

Calendula Extract For Dogs

Calendula Extract For Dogs

The ASPCA published a list of toxic and non-toxic plants for pets, and Calendula extract for dogs (Calendula Officinalis or Pot Marigold) is one of the plants that is safe. From these plants, an herbal extract is made, and it is a Calendula extract for dogs or humans. It can be used for most of the skin health or comfort problems your dog may have.

What are some of the causes of these problems your dog may develop? According to an excerpt from an article on the site:

One of the most common cause of itchy skin is a type of skin allergy in dogs known as contact dermatitis, that is a result of the dog’s skin coming in contact with products like harsh shampoos and conditioners, detergents, plants and perfumes or colognes. Other common causes of itching dog skin include parasitic, bacterial or fungal skin infections like mange, mites or scabies, flea or tick infestation, dry skin, food allergies and yeast infections.

Here are a couple of ways of applying Calendula extract, depending on your dog’s problem. Just keep in mind that your vet should always be consulted before you start any treatment of Fido to prevent any possible medical conflicts.

Calendula Extract For Dogs

  • Calendula conditioner: This is a good home remedy for dogs that have problems with flaky or itchy skin. In fact, many herbal conditioners contain this extract, along with omega 3, vitamin A, and many other benefits. Calendula extract is the perfect ingredient for rehydrating and refreshing your pet’s skin; it restores some lost natural oils in your dog due to excessive shampooing. Use products with calendula extract as a conditioner for your dog, and after bath time, use a soft and clean towel, but don’t rub him vigorously, or you may re-irritate the skin.
  • Calendula topical ointment: Inflamed skin can be treated with this Calendula product. Calendula topical ointment is applied to the affected part of the dog’s skin. The skin first should be cleaned and the fur should be trimmed. It should be applied to the skin at least twice a day using cotton swabs or anything that’s soft for better relief. Dogs that suffer from painful foot pads that are sore and rough can also benefit from this ointment. After your vet has examined your dog, you may mix Calendula together with olive oil and some other herbs into an ointment for soothing your dog’s skin.
  • Calendula tincture (sprays and lotions): This tincture is generally composed of calendula and water, and comes in the form of sprays, lotions, washes, soaks, and many others. Calendula extract has antibacterial and astringent effects when mixed with water, and can treat many skin infections. It can also be used for cuts and wounds to speed up their healing process and prevent bacteria and infection. Aside from that, Calendula can also heal mouth ulcers by applying gauze soaked in calendula extract (diluted in warm water) to your dog’s gums. This extract helps prevent infections, bleeding, and heals your dog’s mouth, so it should be applied regularly and generously.
  • Calendula rinse: Calendula rinse is best for dogs that have hotspots and eczema. Hotspots are caused by bacteria or fungi that causes damage to the dog’s skin, and dogs are in great discomfort because they always itch, and scratch (or lick) the affected part. It can even spread to other dogs if not treated right away. Calendula rinse often comes in tea form as a remedy for the these type of problems. It reduces the itch. Put some drops of Calendula extract (or a handful of its flower petals) to hot water to make the tea. After it cools, apply to the affected part gently, two times a day.

Calendula extract for dogs is safe for use topically, but we still recommend letting your vet know of your intentions ahead of its use, in case he or she may know of any conflicting conditions your dog may have, or wish to give any special instructions.

Have you used Calendula extract for dogs? Please share your experiences, good or bad, below.



  1. Derek says:

    I use calendula water spray on my dogs itchy red skin and it makes him stop scratching 10 minutes later, it also seems to speed up the healing of lacerations. it works pretty good

  2. debra m says:

    which calendula did u use theres so many

    • Ron Miller, Editor says:

      We used one with great results a while back, but don’t remember the brand. The vet said “…use some calendula extract….” but didn’t specify a brand. So we just picked up one of the 3 or 4 the local health food store had.

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